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This or That Tuesday- Pool or Beach

Updated: May 31, 2023

The POOL or the BEACH?

This or that? Pool or Beach?

The HOT weather has hit Kentucky! Do you prefer staying at home and hitting the pool in the backyard or is it a must to take a trip and hit the beach?

I am a very very FAIR complected woman and my husband is a red head! The thought of laying on the beach for hours sounds good in my head. Listening to the crash of waves hitting the shore and tasting the salty air.. perfection! Until 7 PM hits and the burn comes on strong. I can hear my husband now complaining every 5 minutes and asking for more aloe.

The pool is more my style! Swimming at night is my favorite! Pools are tons of upkeep and I have to basically beg my hsuabdn every year to get one. We have always gotten a cheaper above ground pool that last about a year. Fingers crossed since we are in our forever home now that within the next summer or two we have a pool installed!

Leave a comment below and explain to me which this or that you choose and why!

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