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Get to know The Lady Of The House

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

My brain doesn't stop. Do you remember the cartoons when you were a child where a character had a bright idea and a light bulb would appear above their head? Let's just say if that happened to me every single time an idea struck I would need to invest in some solar panels.

Kelcie and her Husband Logan with one of his project trucks in front of their new home while it was being built

With this being said... I have considered starting a blog for several years to funnel all of these ideas to people who may want to listen! We recently had a life changing event occur and we had to make our way through it by googling and research. I found myself searching through many blogs of other women to see that other people had struggled with the same issues and I want to be able to connect with others that I may be able to help.

Since an early age I knew I was an entrepreneur. Kelcie Krafts is a crafting business I started in 2013. I was very successful in school and spent most of my time studying to make sure I received all of the scholarships I could to go to college. I started at Western Kentucky University in 2014 hoping to become a Registered Dental Hygienist. I absolutely HATED college. I would come home crying almost every day. I then found a local program that was a few months of hands on training to become a dental assistant. I was a dental assistant for several years and found myself always being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After leaving a place because of the stressful hours, then leaving a place because it shut its doors, and then again leaving another office because the main dentist left.. I was done with the dental field. I randomly got a position as an office manger for a classic car lot that was local to me. I worked there for three years (my husband worked there for two) and focused more on Kelcie Krafts. After randomly getting fired from that job (we shall not speak of this ordeal), me and my husband decided we were both going to work from home.

The New House during the first snow in 2022

Two months after we had just built our beyond perfect to us modern farmhouse, We both left our public jobs and had to grow our 'side hustles' to bring in the income we needed! He Is now a mechanic full time with Shifting Gears Automotive and I am a full-time Lady of the House and run Kelcie Krafts! Maximum aka The Dog Of The House, is our Giant Schnauzer. We are patiently waiting to hear little footsteps running around in the house.

The Dog Of The House Maxx

My life revolves around God, my family and my friends! Some of my main blog categories I am hoping to share with everyone will be about family, cooking, creating, small business-ing, decorating, our homeplace and so much more! I also plan on adding in a article a week from a friend or another small business with tips or stories to keep everyone entertained!

I really hope that you give this new lifestyle blogger a chance and check out some of our future post. Writing has always been something I have enjoyed. I know VLOGGING is more of the HOT thing now a days but this girls hair does not get fixed unless it's time for church! Happy Reading and share with your friends!

Signed off-- Lady Of The House XOXO

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