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Must Have Farmhouse Furniture

A few years ago we were at a get together at a friends house (Mackenzie thanks for the idea!) and we fell in LOVE with a porch swing she had. It was made out of a toddler mattress and I remember there were two or three of us sitting and swinging on it at once. I had added that to my must have list for the new house!

If anyones man is like my man... you show them a picture of something that seems VERY simple to make but they just 'don't have time'. If you know me, the thought of me picking up a power tool of any sort just sounds like an emergency room trip waiting to happen. Luckily, I found someone pretty local to us with GREAT prices and contacted her. She gave me the option of a swing that could hold a toddler bed mattress OR a twin bed. Go big or go home right? I ordered with her a few months after we had moved in knowing she had a few weeks of a wait period to get them done.

If you have read another blog post about our house you know my go to color for anything is matte black.. So that was what we chose! We also decided on chains instead of ropes because it was going to be easier on us to hang the swing. She sent me a picture and I was pumped!

swing once built

The hardest part was figuring out how I wanted to accessorize it. I wanted to do it as cost efficiently as I could because we are all about pinching pennies around here. I also wanted to make sure I could do all I could whenever it came to making it last as long as we can. You can buy pre made mattresses and pillows for custom made swings but its around $400. I bought a twin foam mattress that was 8 inch deep on Amazon ($60ish). I then put a twin size waterproof cover that zips up around the mattress I got from Amazon( under $20). To make it simple I bought a twin sheet and pillowcase set for around $13 on Amazon. I then went to Walmart and bought a pack of king size pillowcases ($11), two king size pillows ($22), and two decorative pillows ($12 each). At the beginning I wanted to use a pop of yellow.. but for some reason sage green just speaks to my soul right now.

I do realize that the pillows aren't really weather proof. My plan is to see how they hold up. The swing is under a covered porch and I am going to try and move the pillows out of the weather when I know it's coming. I also plan on washing the pillowcases every few weeks. You can buy waterproof pillows and pillowcases on amazon and they may be my next investment.

swing with pillows and sheet on

My lovely father in law, John, came over and helped my husband install some extra support up in the rafters of our porch for the swing. We wanted to make sure it was prepared for multiple people swinging at once! It has four separate chains They got it up after some hard work and we love it! I have found myself out there reading my bible and drinking coffee quite a bit. My husband has found a new place to scroll on marketplace. We had over some of our close friends the other day and we really enjoyed swinging on it while watching the kiddo in the pool!

swing hanging up

If I could give a rough estimate on how much we have in the swing I would say around $430! You can't find a normal porch swing for under $125. A normal porch swing holds two people comfortable and this one would hold 4 easily or one or two people laying down. Its a wonderful addition to our back porch! Don't let the pillow that says 'reserved for the dog' fool you, this swing is reserved for The Lady Of The House!

Don't hate on my horrible placement of my cheap pool behind the swing. I was not thinking and just threw it up where it looked flat. It will be moved next year! You also see a little peek of my raised bed garden that is failing miserably. I do not have a green thumb.

navy hall tree locker

I also had her make a hall tree locker

area for our utility/mudroom space. Most of my house is in grey, taupe, blue and navy. So she went with a distressed navy paint. I had sent her a picture of our cabinets and flooring and she matched the stained wood up perfectly with them!

I am still on the fence on how I want to decorate it. We already have a shoe rack by the back door. I just grabbed a greenery wreath I had along with a Rae Dunn piece I had. The little blue bowl the stars are sitting in came from my Summer Fab Fit Fun box. I grabbed the pillow at Walmart for $12. I think after a few girls recommending, I am going to grab two baskets for the bottom portion.

I am in love with both custom pieces and I think they look great with our house! Tiffany did wonderful creating what I was wanting. If you would like to contact Tiffany with any sort of idea on what you want created her phone number is 270-899-0228! She can make anything. She makes beautiful custom tables, cabinets, furniture and more!

All of my Amazon purchases can be found on my amazon storefront!

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