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Nurture & Nourish- Take Care Of Your Skin

Hi, I am Amia Milam Vincent and I own a holistic medical spa in Leitchfield KY.

Amia in her new shop

When you think of facials you imagine a spa trip on vacation for a relaxing experience. Facials are not just relaxing but very beneficial to your skin. Seeing an Esthetician monthly is crucial for skin health.

Getting a professional exfoliation monthly keeps your pores cleaned out from dead skin/ debris. This will drastically cut back on acne and the bacteria on your face. Going to see your Esthetician and getting on a professional medical grade skincare regimen will be the best thing you can do for your skin. This regimen should target your main concerns and be the best suitable for your skin type. At Nurture & Nourish the main goal is to get your skin healthy and be able to keep it healthy.

Amia's Contact Info

Can you get facials with sensitive skin?

Yes. I have products and techniques that can be used if you have more delicate skin.

Do you have anything that can help with my aging skin?

Yes. I have a facial that is for aging skin issues and then I also carry a full skin line that will help reduce signs of aging.

Before and After Aging

Can you help with uneven skin tones?

Yes. This is called hyper pigmentation and I can help with the uneven dark spots by using certain treatments.

How long does a procedure last?

Anywhere from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Most appointments last 1 hour.

How can I prepare for a procedure?

This can vary per procedure but the main things to remember are to try and not wear makeup or anything on your face for at least 24 hours before the procedure. You also can not lay in a tanning bed anytime a week prior to the appointment.

Before and After Pores

Can I schedule a consultation?

I recommend consultations so we can figure out exactly what your skin is in need of and get you a price estimate. Some procedures have more steps you must do beforehand so we need to discuss those too!

How can I schedule?

You can schedule via my booking website linked below!

Visit Nurture & Nourish Facebook page:

Cleansers offered at the shop

From The Lady of The House:

Whenever I saw Amia starting her own business I was so excited. We went to school together and I always love seeing a fellow friend start their own business. I reached out to see if we could do a short article on her new business and she was game! Everyone go book a consolation with Amia and support our local businesses!

Please leave any questions in the comments for Amia and I will make sure to get correct responses for each comment!

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